RandalRandal Samstag is an independent consultant in the field of wastewater treatment process analysis and design. He assists clients with operations analysis and biological treatment and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling of wastewater treatment unit processes. As an employee of major international consulting companies, he served as project manager or process engineer on over one hundred wastewater treatment plant projects ranging in size from 50,000 gallons per day (gpd) (1,900 m3/day) to 275 million gallons per day (mgd) (1,040,000 m3/day) average flow capacity. He has served as project manager, design, or process engineer for planning and design of wastewater treatment plants totaling over 1,500 mgd (5,600,000 m3/day) of average flow capacity with a combined construction cost over $3,000 million.

Mr. Samstag has completed evaluations and designs for nitrogen removal for over a dozen wastewater treatment plants including recent evaluations for the three largest treatment plants discharging to Puget Sound.  He has led field test evaluation and CFD modeling projects for aeration and sedimentation tanks for two dozen plants. He is the author of his own sedimentation CFD code and has experience in use of several commercial codes and modelling platforms, including ANSYS Fluent and OpenFOAM. He is Secretary for the IWA Working Group for CFD and is the manager for the LinkedIn group “CFD for Wastewater.” He is the author of over 100 reports and studies and over fifty book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles, papers for national and international conferences and other presentations.

Randal was the leader for preparation of a report for the United Nations Environment Programme on Appropriate Technology for Sewage Pollution Control for the Wider Caribbean Region. He has been a project lead or team member for a series of community development programs in Mexico, Ecuador, Nepal and Tibetan speaking regions of the Peoples Republic of China. He has worked on projects throughout the United States and in the Republic of Singapore, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

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