IWA CFD Working Group Documents

This page has downloads for documents from the IWA working group on CFD.

IWA CFD Working Group Management Team

MT List 2017

IWA CFD Working Group Postings

IWA CFD Working Group – Report on 2014 Activities

Watermatex 2015 Workshop: Computational Fluid Dynamics – Hands-on CFD Modeling for Water Resource Recovery Facilities

Workshop Summary
CFD Workshop Schedule
CFD for Wastewater Fundmentals
Good Modeling Practice
CFD Case Studies 1 Watermatex Workshop
CFD Case Studies 2 Watermatex Workshop
Overview of OpenFOAM for Wastewater
OpenFOAM for Wastewater: Introduction
OpenFOAM for Wastewater: Getting Started
OpenFOAM for Wastewater: Meshing
OpenFOAM for Wastewater: Simulation
OpenFOAM for Wastewater: Clarifiers
OpenFOAM for Wastewater: UV
OpenFOAM for Wastewater: Splitter Box
OpenFOAM for Wastewater: Advanced
Animations (Requires PowerPoint)

Cases for Example Simulations

Extended Clarifier Animation (12,000 seconds from empty tank)

WEFTEC 2017 Workshop: Introduction to Open Source CFD for Water Resource and Recovery Facilities

Samstag Welcome and Introduction Day 1
Wicklein Good CFD Modelling Practice
Marques Introduction to OpenFOAM
Marques Getting Started
Wicklein Flow Splitting
Marques Flow Splitting
Samstag CFD Welcome and Introduction Day 2
Wicklein Saunders CFD for Mixing
Marques Mixing Hands On
Griborio and Samstag CFD for Sedimentation
Marques Sedimentation
Wicklein Saunders CFD for Disinfection
Marques UVdisinfection
Marques Advanced OpenFOAM
Samstag CFD Closure Day 2

OpenFOAM cases: cases-Start

Open Foam Simulation Videos (Requires PowerPoint)

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