White Papers and Presentations

This page has links for downloads of white papers and presentations.

White Papers and Classroom Talks:

2018 UCLA Talk on CFD for Wastewater Using OpenFOAM
CEE 500 Environmental/Water Resources Seminar: UW Talk 2016
Toilets of the World: UW Talk 2016
CFD for Wastewater: UCLA Talk 2015
Global Sanitation: UW Talk 2012
Appropriate Technology for Sewage Pollution Control: UW Talk 2010
Appropriate Technology for Sewage Pollution Control: UW Talk 2008
Sewer 101: Bainbridge UAC Talk
Testing and Modeling of Sedimentation

Operations Presentations:

SRT Control
Causes and Control of Activated Sludge Settleability Problems
The Future of Wastewater Treatment

Conference Presentations:

Fundamentals of CFD
Aeration Control
Application of CFD to Wastewater Process Engineering
Cyclic Feed Aeration
Clarifier Modeling in 3D
Clarifier Workshop Presentations
Settleability and Energy Control for Bellingham Post Point
CFD Modeling of Activated Sludge Mixing and Sedimentation
Optimizing HPO
Economics of the MBR Process
Test and Simulation of Simultaneous Nitrification Denitrification
Factors in Selector Success and Failure
Strategies for Aeration Control
Hydraulic Characteristics of Activated Sludge
Bulking Response to Dynamic Loading
Comparing Mixture and Transport Models for Sedimentation
Upgrade of a HPO Plant
Field Calibration and Modeling of Clarifiers
Comprehensive Evaluation of Sedimentation Performance
Field Test and CFD Modeling of Jet Aeration and Mixing
Alum Addition and EBPR in Membrane Bioreactors

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