Value Engineering / Management and Peer Review

Mr. Samstag has served as process engineer in value engineering or technical review workshops for the following projects:

• City of Calgary, Alberta, Bonnybrook WWTP, Train D Expansion
• King County Brightwater Treatment Plant, Bothel, Washington
• City of Everett WWTP Upgrade, Everett, Washington
• Hite Creek WWTP Upgrade, Louisville, Kentucky
• Vashon WWTP Interim Improvements, Vashon, Washington
• Blaine WWTP Interim Improvements, Blaine, Washington
• Redmond, Oregon Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
• San Diego South Bay Wastewater Conveyance System
• San Diego South Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Columbia Boulevard CSO Treatment Facilities, Portland, Oregon
• Norwalk, Connecticut Wastewater Treatment Facilities; Norwalk, Connecticut
• Santa Rosa, CA Wastewater Treatment Facilities
• Metro Seattle Renton Treatment Plant Enlargement III, Seattle Metro
• Metro West Point Treatment Plant, Seattle Metro
• R.M. Clayton Wastewater Treatment Plant Phosphorus Removal Facilities, Atlanta, GA
• Stockton, CA Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Handling Facilities,
• Port Townsend, WA Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Newberg, Oregon Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Fontana, California New Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Salem, Massachusetts, WWTP Upgrade Project

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