Wastewater Collection and Water Supply

While Mr. Samstag’s primary expertise is in wastewater treatment process analysis, he also has experience in planning and design for wastewater collection and water supply facilities.

Wastewater Collection and Pumping Stations

• Appropriate Technology for Sewage Pollution Control for the Wider Caribbean Region, United Nations Environment Program, Kingston, Jamaica – Project manager and partial author of a report outlining best management practices for sewage pollution control for the wider Caribbean region. This region has a population of over 50 million spanning the multi-national zone from Brownsville, Texas to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The report focused on technologies for sewage collection and treatment in the coastal regions bordering the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. As part of the work, an extensive literature review was completed. The report identified appropriate technologies for different community and industrial types within the region. A panel of experts selected by the UNEP reviewed the report.

• Cascade Siphon Replacement, Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, Seattle, Washington – Design engineer for analysis of alternatives for replacement of the Cascade siphon, a 24-inch sewer (600 mm) under the Cedar River in Washington State.

• Industrial Waste Collection and Treatment Facilities, Vancouver, Washington – Design and project engineer for design and construction management of wastewater collection and pumping facilities for a 4.0 mgd (151,000 m3/day) industrial treatment facility in the City of Vancouver, Washington. This project included 12-inch (300 mm) and 18-inch (450 mm) diameter gravity sewer and force mains, two submersible pumping stations, 5 jacked railroad crossings, and special anti-corrosion features to protect pipelines passing through soil influenced by a large anode bed for an industrial tank farm. The project won an Honorable Mention award in the Consulting Engineers judging of projects for 1981. The project was designed in 3 months and constructed in 5 months to meet deadlines imposed by regulatory agencies on reduction of waste loads to the City of Vancouver’s West Side Treatment Plant.

• Port Orchard / Kitsap County Sewer District #5 Wastewater Facilities Improvements, Port Orchard, Washington – Project engineer for design of a project to upgrade two primary treatment plants for secondary treatment. The project converted one primary treatment plant into a 7.5-mgd (28,000 m3/day) wastewater pumping station in downtown Port Orchard. Mr. Samstag oversaw design by a sub-consultant of a new, 24-inch-diameter (600 mm) force main approximately two miles (3.2 km) in length to connect the pumping station to the new secondary treatment plant. Another element of the design was a new 36-inch diameter outfall into Sinclair Inlet.

• Sunset/Heathfield Pumping System Improvements, Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, Seattle, Washington – Design and project engineer for parallel force mains to upgrade the capacity of an overloaded high-head, series pumping system. This project was completed on an emergency time schedule to prevent winter overflows into Lake Washington.

Water Supply
• Irrigation Evaluation, Susudel, Ecuador – Volunteer project manager for preparation of a water resources evaluation for the village of Susudel. The work included hydrologic investigations, analysis of irrigation requirements and cost / benefits analysis of alternative projects for supply augmentation.

• Potable water treatment installation, Pokhara and Kathmandu Valley, Nepal – Volunteer for installation of water treatment filters and ultraviolet disinfection systems for a series of public schools and orphanages in Pokhara, Patan, and surrounding villages in the Kathmandu Valley.

• Water Pumping Station Improvements, City of Albuquerque, New Mexico – Design engineer for provision of additional pumping units to a series of ground water pump stations.

• Rural water supply projects, Chiapas Relief and Encouragement Organization, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico – Designer and construction manager for potable village water system projects in Mayan-speaking areas of the Chiapas highlands in Mexico for a period of one year.

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